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The game introduces a brand new hero into the virtual world – Titus, a crazy and smart monkey. In this game we have a nice monkey under control. On its way Titus meets rebellious robots. The story started when a crazy scientist, professor T'Alent, invented a machine that sucks grimness out of your head and produces a substance called Grimonium.
Professor's mechanical assistant stole containers of Grimonium and the trouble begins. Professor's T'Alent assistant built a mechanical army. The monkey is not unarmed: it uses laughing gas, tosses coconuts, it can roll like a ball and shake its arms. Friends it meets on its way give it helpful advices.

Installing Monkey's Adventures™

Running Monkey's Adventures™
Please click on "Monkey's Adventures" from windows "Start" menu. You can also choice "Monkey's Adventures Setup". This second option makes game configuration menu visible.
Here you can configure the program parameters.

The Game Menu:
After starting the game you will see an intro. After that, a menu with the following options will appear:

1 New Game – Start a new game.
2 Load Game – Load a previously saved game.
3 Save Game – Save your current game.
4 Options – Adjust game parameters .
5 Controls – Here we can change the configuration of keys responsible for camera position.
6 Video Modes – Change the screen resolution.
7 Sound Menu – Adjust volume and sound parameters.
8 Quit – Leave the game.

You can change different settings of game by pressing [ESC]
during play - this will bring up the main menu onto the screen.

Playing Monkey's Adventures™
Basic controls are similar to most adventure games:

[CTRL/LMB] - fire
[W/A/S/D] - movement (mouse is better for this)
[RMB/TAB] - zoom / secondary fire
[SPACE] - Small jump/fall
[SHIFT] - High jump
[mouse movement] - looking around

You can redefine keys to fit you personal expectation from the game main menu.

System requirements:
Processor : Pentium 600
RAM : 128 MB
System : WIN XP/WIN7/WIN8 or above
DirectX : 8.1 or higher
Video Card : DirectX compatible graphics accelerator
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card.


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